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Cyclon Bike Care Premium Bike Brush Kit

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Cyclon Bike Care are pleased to announce we will soon be offering a bike brush kit.

The set will be comprised of 6 brushes, all specifically designed for individual jobs. You will of course be able to buy them individually and also as set.

All brushes are made with durable nylon bristles and have rubberised edges to ensure that your bike is never damaged even when scrubbing hard to remove dirt and grease. 

The set will feature:

Soft Washing Brush: Ideal for cleaning the frame and components but allowing a delicate finish.

Wheel & Component Brush: Designed to clean rims and spokes effortlessly.

Two Prong Brush: Engineered with hard to shift dirt in mind. Ideal for scrubbing those pedals, cranks, shocks, discs and spokes.

Detailing Brush: This one gets to grips with hub, mounts and forks.

Small Parts Brush: Gets into the awkward areas, bike chains, cassettes and sprockets! 

Cassette Claw: Cleans in between the gears of the cassette, simple but effective.

Of course you will want some degreaser, cleaner and polish too no doubt so when we release the bike brush kit there will be some great little deals to go with them.

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