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Brief guide to essential Bike Cleaning

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A brief guide to Bike Cleaning from Cyclon

No matter whether your bicycle is at the more basic level of the spectrum or you have spent many £££’s on a top of the range it is imperative to look after it.

Bicycle maintenance is as much a part of owning it as riding it is, a poorly maintained bike will detract from your riding enjoyment.

Cleaning and Lubricating your bike is the basis of good ownership and will ensure that it works better, efficiently and you get the very best from it.

Cyclon has the best products on the market to help make bicycle cleaning, lubrication and maintenance work easier and beneficial to your bike.

Bicycle Cleaning and Cleaners

Cyclon has two types of bike cleaners on the market, our all purpose bike cleaner and Bio-Net which is a degreaser. They are deliberately formulated to do different jobs so it's essential they are used correctly.

Cyclon Cleaning Products

All Purpose Cyclon Bike Cleaner

This more general bike cleaner is ideal for cleaning mud and road dirt from your bicycle frame, wheels, saddle, handlebars, mud guards and so forth. Because the chemical agents in this cleaner are designed to be weaker they are not to be used on heavy grease and road grime areas. Make sure you use a good brush set to clean out those awkward areas and agitate the more stubborn dirt.

Cyclon Bio-Net Degreaser

Compared to All Purpose Cleaners like Cyclon Bike Cleaner, our Bio-Net Degreaser is a more powerful bike cleaning product.

Specifically designed to keep your components clean and working smoothly by getting old oil and grease off the drivetrain. Once clean they will need lubrication (see below) of course.

Our Bio Net Degreaser is brilliant at making the job of cleaning your cassette and bike chain easy. Getting in between cogs and chainring with a brush ensures a really detailed clean.

Grease & Lubricant

Cleaning is only the first stage of caring for your bike correctly. Once it is clean it will need the careful application of grease and lubricant. Failure to do this will lead to poor performance and limit the lifespan of your components. A little bit of time and care here will reap big benefits in both the long and short term.
Cyclon Bike Care Lubrication


For the uninitiated lubricants are for chains and come in three distinct categories, Namely, Dry, Wet and the All Purpose.

Dry lubes: Our Dry Weather Lube as the name suggests ‘dries’ on the chain and has a wax solvent base that leaves a lubricating layer that repels dust. This high performance lubricant is ideal for dry / dusty conditions.

Wet lubes: Specially designed to withstand the worst wet and muddy riding conditions; providing a 'wet' protective layer on moving parts. Our Wet Lube and Wet Spray both provide optimal performance.

All Purpose lubes: Our Course Lube and Course Spray lubricants are designed for mixed weather conditions and whilst they perform extremely well they are not condition specific like the Dry and Wet lubes. That said they are very good for many riders who don’t want to re-lubricate every time specifically according to the weather but still want to care for their chain.


Perhaps it sounds old fashioned and dirty but in fact it’s neither of those things and also incredibly important. Our Course Grease is used on components with threaded parts, cables, ball bearing and fixed parts like your seat post. Pretty important we are sure you will agree. Grease reduces friction and stops the seizing of components. Check out our Maintenance range here.

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